Project Gladiator

Original IP development. These are still very early explorations, mostly focusing on which style to settle on. Eventually it was decided to go a more semi-realistic route with some fantasy flair here and there.

Collette curran glx style exp03c

These are later designs once it had been decided that we were going a more semi-realistic route. Here I was playing with the idea of not being entirely historically accurate and embellishing the decorative nature.

Collette curran glx char ideation01 2

Early phase of deciding on style direction.

Collette curran glx char ideation07
Collette curran style chart

Trying to find the sweet spot between stylized and realistic.

Collette curran keyshots

Keyshot sketches exploring the addition of mythological creatures.

Collette curran glx mask exp01

The cast of villains were described as masked senators. I liked the idea of each mask using a different material prevalent during the Roman Empire.

Collette curran glx cinematic polish02

Keyshot explorations. Still deciding how to style the cinematic cuts, either realistic or comic book-esque.